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Contact us for Treatments of Corns, Callus and Verruca.

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The way to Healthy Feet is Here.

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Fully Registered and Insured.

Treatment For Your Feet

McLaughlin footcare diagnose and treat a number of problems on the foot and lower leg. Firstly, this means carrying out an assessment of the patient's foot complaint. A treatment plan is then constructed based upon the patient's history and physical assessment findings.

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Call Out Service

McLaughlin Footcare operates as a call out service. This means that we will visit your home where we will assess your condition and apply the necessary treatment. This is a convenient way for my customers to receive treatment and there is no travel involved.

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Satisfied Customers

We would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by McLaughlin Footcare has been highly impressive. Every aspect of the service has been beyond reproach

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